Monday, May 7, 2012

Stop 1: Maui

We really enjoyed our post-deployment'moon to Hawaii! We were able to stop at 4 of the islands and really see a wide variety of Hawaii. First stop was Maui. We went snorkeling one day and biking the other. Brad was also the star of a Hula show and he was just so excited about that...
Here's the Maui pics.
The Molokini crater. One of the top 10 snorkeling sights in the world.

We didn't see any dolphins, but we did see a giant sea turtle.

Getting ready for our bike ride through Maui. I'm actually surprised we both lived through this. It was extreme biking. 30 mph down a volcano hill. Thought I was going to eat the concrete!!

Some of the beautiful flowers that I saw on our stops.

Oh just a random chameleon crawling around in the trees.

I think I owe Brad for life. They saw me trying to force his hand up and singled him out. He was a good sport though.

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