Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Days until...

This post is more for my own mental organization then anything. I've got so many countdowns going on in my head that I'm losing track.

10 days until my good friend Shelly moves to FL.
2.5 weeks until my mom gets here
3.5 weeks until 18 week checkup (wondering if I can talk the Dr. into peaking between baby's legs)
1 month until Brad and I's 6th wedding anniversary
4.5 weeks until we move out of this apartment and into hotel/return borrowed furniture/give keys back to landlord, etc.
5.5 weeks til we ship our car
5.5 weeks until BIG 4-D ultrasound. Will be 20 weeks and get to find out sex!
6 weeks until we board plane to Memphis, TN.
8 weeks until we board plane to San Diego, CA.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Woa! Snow!

Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone had a great day with their friends and family. We ended up getting snowed in AGAIN! It's been snowing for 2 days straight now and we have about 2 feet of snow outside. It is still coming down strong. We felt so bad we couldn't make it to our friend's house but there was no way we could get out of our house. So we're on day #2 of being stuck in the house. On a bright note- Brad got me a new camera lens for Christmas!! I've been wanting one forever. This new one has a super zoom and I couldn't wait to try it out so off on another walk we went. Here are some more pics. Hope you aren't sick of snow pictures.

The cars on our street.

Have a seat!
Brad only kept back 1 pair of pants. Why? Who knows. But, I threw them in the wash before our walk not even thinking. So, here he is wearing mine. I can't even repeat some of the comments that came out of his mouth but let's just say there was some major squishage going on. Here is is mid-adjustment.
We are walking down the middle of a "plowed" street here. The snow is no joke this season.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Snowball fight

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is enjoying the season! We took a little walk this afternoon and I brought my camera along (of course). We went out this morning and almost got into a serious wreck. The roads are SO bad. Then as we approached our house we got stuck and just spun and spun. So, unfortunately we have to skip the Christmas Eve service tonight. But, we're enjoying the snow and are happy to have a white Christmas! Here are some pics from this afternoon.

For a little update: We had all our things moved out of our house and everything is now on its way to California! We are living with the bare minimum which has been a bit of a challenge. I kept back 3 plates, cups, silverware, etc. I did not picture myself getting sick to death of hand washing dishes after every meal. I also made sure to keep back plenty of toys for Miles but nothing for myself! My class finished this weekend (got an A- wahoo!) So I'm a little bored while we wait in this limbo stage. It's a little sad when looking around the house and only seeing white walls. We've spent such a big chunk of our marriage/family life here and it will be hard to close the door to this place for the last time. Some days I'm so excited to get on that airplane and other days I fight tears. I guess this is all to be expected with such a big change! We have 6 weeks left!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Here are some photos/video of our sledding today. It was so fun! Miles loved going down the hills by himself. The snow has been hitting hard for about a month now and shows no sign of letting up. Brad has enjoyed the many days of no work and delays. I, however, can not WAIT to be in warm Southern California. I like to my flip-flops too much I guess.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas treats/updates

We may have been snowed in the past 2 weeks and boggled down with this move but never too busy to pack on the calories with some Christmas treats. Miles is my little Betty Crocker and loves to decorate and sprinkle everything.

I wish I had some lively/exciting things to blog about but our life is just so consumed with this move. I forgot how stressful it is to... ya know, move across the world.
Right now I have about 1-2 appointments a day showing our apartment to potential renters. The movers are coming to pack just about everything we own next week so I am separating the house into things they can take/can't take. We're keeping a small shipment behind to use until the very last day. Unfortunately they are quoting 70 days for our things to reach California. It's going to be very interesting entertaining Miles in a empty house during a German winter.

Our lovely cat Tom did some small damage to our walls. Shredder Tom I should call him. They are quoting us a pretty dime so we decided to fly my mom out here (the woman who used to flip houses for a living) to help us fix the walls ourselves. Hey, it's cheaper! The damage isn't too bad, we just don't want to risk not getting our deposit back. Plus, my mom can help me keep Miles busy and we have her booked on the exact same 15 hour flight back. I think it all worked out pretty nicely. Brad jokes that we'll stick Miles with my mom and pretend we're asleep every time she tries to give him back.