Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January is a GREAT month! Lots of exciting things going on!

I went to Vegas last week with my neighbor. We had such a great time. The first night we dressed up and hit the town. The second night... well, we got into our PJ's at 6pm, rented a movie, laid in bed and relaxed! That was just as good as getting out.
I won almost $40 at slots. I won it on the first push of the button. So my gambling experience lasted all of 10 seconds.
My little black dress. It was SO nice to get out! We were good girls, don't worry. Vegas is beautiful at night!

This is at my neighbor's house. We have some hard-core ping pong tournaments going on and seem to be happening more frequently. I have been cursed with the Baker-competitive gene. I play til I win. Just call me Forest Gump.
The boys! Matthew is getting so big. He recently had his 6 month check up and he is 19 pounds and at the 95%. Just like his brother was!

We've been playing outside on a daily basis. You just can't beat this weather.

The other good news is that mail is being cut off for Brad! The 15th is the last day to send anything because otherwise you run the risk of it not getting there in time. That makes me very excited!
We also booked a cruise to Hawaii as well as another trip to Vegas. The trip to Vegas is actually mandatory for his work. We're having a big Marine Corps ball there for all the men of 2/4 and their dates. They get to wear their fancy blues and we wear formal dresses. It's going to be so much fun and I'm looking forward to it very much!
My mom is leaving soon. Although her trip got extended due to my cousin's unfortunate death. While I'm not excited about her leaving I am excited that it's another milestone checked off before Brad's ultimate return.
Finally, Miles started soccer and gymnastics which will hopefully help fill these days. I want to busy-busy and have March be here before I know it!