Monday, May 7, 2012


Kauai was my absolute favorite island of all. I could move there. They call it the garden isle and I've never seen anything so lush or beautiful in my life! The first day we went tubing down a ditch. All my pictures from that are on a waterproof camera (the old school kind) and are currently being developed. 

The second day in Kauai we went kayaking, swimming and hiking. It was our best day in Hawaii over all.

We found a coconut. Those things really are hard to open! Brad said the taste was "alright".

We hiked to this beautiful waterfall and went swimming under it. Then the skies opened up and it poured warm rain. We weren't complaining though. :)

Brad trying to climb behind the waterfall.
Hiking back
Surprisingly, there are roosters everywhere in Kauai. I guess a hurricane set hundreds loose and they over bred. There are no natural prey for chickens in Kauai so they just keep multiplying. This rooster came out of nowhere (and we were literally in the middle of nowhere). Random.

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